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Develop more profitable relationships with your customers.

To solidify the success of your print and other media, look no further than TruColor. When you partner with us, you tap into a single source for dynamic, data-driven strategies, industry-leading output and finishing technologies, and full-service mailing and distribution capabilities.

TruColor has a unique, secure online e-business system for processing print ordering, file transfers and more. All of this is available 24/7 through any internet browser. Are you looking for a way to standardize and mainstream the printing process for your company? Maybe you order specific products frequently? If so, then TruColor has just the solution for you! Click here to see a brief tutorial on TruFlow, TruColor’s Online Storefront Solution. Call TruColor today at 864-241-0644 to begin the process for ordering your products online

What’s more our services, manufacturing workflows and communications systems are seamlessly integrated. That enables us to significantly streamline the development of targeted, relevant print and multi-channel solutions that generate higher response at a lower cost and with faster time-to-market. Your processes are simplified, so that your focus remains on growing your business with the end result being a substantial advantage in your marketplace.

Learn More About Our Individual Services

Brand Management Solutions
TruColor helps our clients maintain their brand integrity by offering a co-branded Integrated Marketing Communication System and other web based marketing resource management tools.


Workflow Solutions
In business, we know time is valuable. TruColor offers a wide variety of e-services allowing you to send and receive documents more efficiently and conveniently.


Online Marketing Portals
TruColor creates both configurable and customizable internet-based marketing portals that manage static and variable content.