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Online Marketing Portals

TruColor is in the business of helping our customers achieve their business goals. By becoming a participant in the supply chain of our clients, we are able to help them manage the lifecycle of their documents and lower the “Total Cost of Business” for the creation, distribution and useful life of a variety of documents and files.

TruColor creates both configurable and customizable internet-based marketing portals that manage static and variable content. These portals help our clients drive several important outcomes: brand integrity, marketing agility, and productivity.

  • Customer Specific Design and Support
  • Client-branded Web Portal
  • Automated and Integrated Marketing Workflows
  • Multiple User Levels for Controlled Access and Views
  • Shopping Cart Environment
  • Brand-consistent Content
  • Control Over Regulatory Compliant Verbiage
  • Administrative Privileges and Reporting

Ask your sales representative or email us at for more information. It’s not just about the printed piece anymore. It’s about the “create once, use many” philosophy of information distribution.